Monday, June 16, 2014

Area Sacra dell’Argentina (Built during the Republican Era 200-80 B.C.)

This are is a perfect example of why Rome has a very rudimentary subway system. In the 1930's the Italian government was excavating for a public works project and uncovered this complex of four temples. They date back to one of the earliest periods of Roman history. After much study, careful debate, and weighing of evidence, they were namedA, B, C, and D.” Amazing what can happen when you get a bunch of historians, archaeologists, and Ph.D.'s together ain't it?  I could explain why this place is named after Argentina, but believe me, once you found out, youd be angry at losing 2 minutes of your life. The story is not really very interesting anyway. What is interesting is that this area is the home base for the Cats of Rome. Rome used to be completely over- run with them, but a city-wide campaign to control the population has succeeded fairly well. This site is now home to whats left of the once-mighty tribe of Felines Romana. Kinda like a cat sanctuary. They loll, sun themselves, and generally relax.
        The square foundation in the left foreground is the remnants of the entrance to the Curia of Pompey—a library, garden and theater complex. It was built by Pompey the Great, a rival of Julius Caesar. OnMarch 15, 44 B.C. (the Ides), the Senate House was closed for repairs. The Senate decided to meethere instead. Julius Caesar walked up these steps that morning—but he didnt walk back down. Ouch! Brutus and his posse ventilated him and brought an end to his dictatorship. They also ushered in a 12 year period of civil war that ended the Republic once and for all.